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Ox Goes Canoeing

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Ox is the short name of our dog. We adopted this pup back in February 2018 and we want to make sure he can do as many adventure as he can with us.

Today is Ox’s very 1st outdoor adventure, we were taking him on a canoe ride!

The reason we’re taking him is because we’re thinking of doing kayaking in the city next week. Since it’s going to be harder to cancel as it will be out of town, we want to see how Ox feels about floating in the river first.

We chose the Blue Moon operator ad our floating business this time. I am almost sure we used them before, as its the only operator doing kayaking at Floyd Park here in town.

We let them know ahead of time that we’ll be taking our dog, which they allow.

And as part of the requirements for everybody to wear life jacket, we got our dog a life jacket as well, cause it’s not something the operator will provide.

The price for half day canoeing is . We also opted for canoeing instead of kayaking, cause I personally have very few experiences in rowing boat/canoe/kayak, let alone having a dog as my passenger. So by getting a canoe, I feel like I have more hands to help just in case.

We’re scheduled to canoe on Sunday, July 1 at 2 pm. When I checked my email, we got a notice that the venue would be changed from Floyd Park to Salt river instead. Which is cool as we’ve never been in that river there before!

We left home about 1230 pm, and git there around 130pm. They had us checked in and signed a waiver form.

From the “office”, they let us ride in a bus heading up stream about 5 miles at the drop off point.

We brought in a bag of cooler, snacks, put in good amount if sun block and insect repellent – including to Ox, which I have bought specifically for dog.

I also put a calming collar on Ox.

This river has faster stream than the 2 we’ve been to. We saw a blue heron, some farm animals, a red cardinal along the way.

And another surprising bit exciting thing is this river has 2 spots with faster stream, and 1 spot of ‘rapids’.

Where we really had to maneuver our canoe in those spots. I can feel the canoe was dancing with the waves for a bit.

We saw at least a couple of stranded kayaks after the last rapid. Which later we learnt that it just happened 2 hours prior when some of the kayakers lost control on that rapid and just left it there. πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

Man…we surely made a right decision chosing a canoe!

Ox was calm along the ride, he was in the middle with my son, then I moved Ox to the front of the boat thinking he might want to poke himself out there? But he didn’t like it as much and moved back to the middle.

I can tell he was hot just like the rest of us, but overall i think he had a great time.


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