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A) Halting Snatch DL + Mid-Hang Snatch: 70/2*5

B) Snatch DL: 100/5*3

C) Muscle Snatch + Snatch Balance + OHS: 5×3

D) Push Press + Jerk: 60/2*3


NEW CYCLE; Metabolite training – rest only enough to catch breath b/w sets (10-60 sec); reps should drop off as sets go on; 20-30 reps first set

A) Flat Bench Reverse Hyper: 3 sets of 3/fail @10RM-25%

B) Front Foot Elevated Lunges: 4 sets of 3/fail @10RM-25% (do ALL sets on one leg, then switch and do ALL sets on opposite leg)

C) Sumo Squats: 3 sets of 3/fail @10RM-25%

D) High Incline DB Press: 3 sets of 3/fail @10RM-25%

E) Wide Grip Pulldown: 3 sets of 3/fail @10RM-25%

F) EZ Facepull: 3 sets of 3/fail @10RM-25%

G) Standing Calf Raises: 4 sets toes in @10RM-25%, 4 sets toes out @10RM-25%


A) BP: 6×3 at 80-85%

B) BS: 3×1 at 77.5-87.5%, 1×3 at 67.5-77.5%

C) Banded Pulldowns: 6×10

D) DB Front Raises: 3×8

E) DB Skull Crushers: 3×8

F) DB Shrugs: 3×8


A) BP: 3×5

B) Close Grip BP: 2×6-12

C) Banded Tricep Pushdowns: 2×10-15

D) Press: 3×10

E) DB Rear Lateral Raises: 2×10-15

F) DB Lateral Raises: 2×10-15

G) BB Curls: 3×10-12

H) DB Curls: 2×6-12

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