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The Muslim’s Christmas

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Today, June 15 2018 is the Eid Day.

So, let’s talk about it

What is Eid?

Not many many Americans, including those in my social media circle are aware of Eid celebration. put it in short and easy is Muslim’s Christmas or Muslim’s Hannukkah

It is one of the biggest celebrations for Muslim. Eid marks the end of the month Ramadan where Muslims observe fasting for the whole month.

Eid or in Indonesia, we call it Eid Fitr is where Muslims celebrate our victory throughout Ramadan where we’re tested by hunger, thirst, and emotions.

We welcome eid with joy knowing we’ve passed the test during Ramadan.

Traditionally, we would go to nearest masjid to perform the eid prayer – just like Christians would go to church – and then we would visit our relatives here and there or gather in one of our elderly fam where everybody else will be there

There are special food, food that we only cook during eid day such as ketupat (rice wrapped in leaves), different kind of opor, vegetables soup, all kinds of cookies, sweet snacks and so on.

Kids sometimes are given money if they claim they were able to fast the whole month.

Gift exchange isn’t always necessary like Christmas, although some Muslims do gift exchange as well, but mainly lots of food and visits.

It is always a holiday in eid day back home, Indonesia, like Christmas here.

But of course here in States, there is no eid holiday which mean many of my friends have to request this day off to be able to celebrate it.

Just like any celebration, eid is full of joy, laughter, happiness, gathering with your loved ones, connecting with your long lost friends or families.

In Indonesia or other muslim majority countries we can sense eid long before the day, there is this anticipation feeling, exactly like Christmas here.

People would start planning their ‘mudik’ time -mudik is when you are going home to see your folks who usually live in different city.

Then the ‘open house’ schedule where you invite your community to come to your house any time of the day-pretty much- where food is served non stop.

Then the dress, scarf, the hat, the shirt to wear during eid

It is a hectic happy day

For many of us, eid truly is a joyus occasion.

So..if you know a muslim who happens to celebrate eid, go ahead greet them, they will surely appreciate it.

Say something like

Happy Eid

Have a blessed Eid

Hope you have a wonderful celebration

Or the most popular one here is

Eid Mubarak

Because happy occasion is better enjoy when it is shared

Have a wonderful blessed Eid celebration!

The Girl With a Foreign Accent

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