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Within a few days, we were in shock by the news of 2 well known celebrities found dead from well…committing suicide.

Why would people do such thing?

That’s our first thought most likely.

What we didn’t realize is…

It takes a lot of “courage” for someone to finally act upon their suicidal thoughts.

See…people don’t just commit suicide. They have the thought in their mind for a long long long long time.

They think about the how, the after math. Should I cut myself? Should I overdose? Should I shoot myself? And so on….

I cant speak on behalf others but from what I know suicidal thought happens when someone feels they are no longer needed, no longer loved, no longer useful.

People with suicidal thought are pretty much feel tired of their life.

They don’t think their life worth living anymore.

Were they failing in their work?

Not in other people’s eyes, no.

But in their own eyes, probably.

There are many many reasons why someone can be so over of their own life.

Commiting suicide is their only ‘hope’ that to end the vicious cycle of being useless, helpless, always get blamed, always doing wrong things and the list go on.

Suicidal thought is not a joke material.

I hate it when ‘kids’ these days so easily say “Why don’t you just kill yourself ” towards their peer whom they consider unpopular or weird or nerdy or simply different.

Or when a person simply dismissing the feeling of suicidal expressed by others.

Being suicidal is not the same as being dramatic.

And saying that person is an empty soul or lost or not believing in God isn’t very sympathetic either.

Be grateful if you never having to deal with suicidal thought

Please don’t shun those who have to deal with it, talk to them, say hi to them, include them in your group, listen to them, or simply be with them.

Because a lot of time all they wish is to find their happy place

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