Coco and Dad

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I recently watched the kids movie, Coco. I heard it’s a good movie, so as a parent of course I want to watch it. Especially that A had watched it in his school.

The story of Coco itself is great, I love it. It’s one of those must watch kids movie for sure.

Here the summary of the movie from Mr. Google.

But what intrigue me more is the Day of The Dead itself.

I heard about it , yes, but i had no clue what it was, I even first thought it was weird that we are celebrating the death.

I mean..death? Why would we celebrate death?

From Coco, I learned that on this particular day, the dead are “allowed” to return to earth. Just on that day. Once a year.

In order for the dead to do so, there are 2 important things : First there has to be at least one alive human who still remember the dead and the living must place their picture on a ofrenda along with the dead favorite things, even favorite food and beverages.

This way, the ‘administrative’ in the death world will be able to send them back to earth.

Sadly there are always these group of death who would not get the calls to go back to earth. Eventually these people will be forgotten and puff..vanish completely.

Then I thought of my Dad.

I didn’t get to take him to his last resting place.

Even till this moment, I still refuse to admit he’s gone.

There were so many things I want to tell him.

Somehow Coco gives me hope to be able to ‘see’ my dad again.

The Day of The Dead is a beautiful celebration, we are remembering those who have passed before us in such a wonderful way.

And the idea of the dead were there with us is surprisingly comforting.

I know I would want to feel my Dad were with me.

I want to tell him that I am scared and I wish he was there to tell me that everything is going to be okay.

Coco also teaches me why it is important to keep the memory of the dead alive…

I feel bit despair as my child didn’t get to see much of his grandparents, but I can make sure he remember those moments when he met them.

We all need a little fairy tale in our life, not just about prince charming and his magical kiss, but also about the after life.

Cause it gives us hope.

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