Adulting is Hard

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The word ‘adulting’ was (or is??) not in my book at all.

I am not sure whether I had been avoiding it or I wasn’t made aware of it or else?

This word just struck me recently as I realized some of us (most likely myself as well) is never truly becoming an adult.

As the root of the word itself, ADULT, in my definition adulting means acting, behaving as an adult.

Easy? Right?


What is an ADULT?

Is it when you turn 18 years old?

Is it when you hit your puberty period?

Is it when you are legally can drink alcohol?

The answer is none of those.

I learned (the hard way), adult is not defined by age or physical appearance.

Adult(ing) is about choices we make everyday.

Again, it is not about

Oh yeah..I am 18 years old I can have sex now! Or

Sweet 21! Let’s go boozing till I pass out!

Or stomping out your parents house because you no longer agree with their rules…

Or start paying your own bills….

It is a little bit more complex than that….although yes…we can say that all the above are somewhat parts of being an adult.

So when

Someone can be 60 years old yet choose to play online games all night long like a middle schooler where there are tons of s**** needs to be done..that is NOT adulting..

Nor when we choose to go on shopping spree with the money we don’t have and sweating to pay them later…

So really, adulting is a process of using your consciousness to make a better choice in every action you do.


No, I am not done adulting yet and I admit it is so damn hard to be an adult.

But this is what I know for sure…

My days where I can simply sit down on my a** playing Candy Crush all day long are gone cause I have my son to feed, to care, to love

I can’t sleep all day long or napping whenever I can as I have a job to finish, a ton of domestic things to do as human being.

That’s my way of adulting.

What’s yours?

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