Thankful Act

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Most of us were taught well to say thank you.

Ever since we were baby our parents have pretty much drilled us to say thank you.

Including me.

Teaching someone to say thank you is easy.

Teaching someone to show that they are thankful is hard.

See..Thank you itself is a very noble, kind words.

But these words mean nothing when our acts do not show that we are thanking someone, that we are being thankful.

Showing thankful towards someone else is an art, a lost art perhaps…

Unlike the cousin, saying thankful, showing thankful can be discreet, subtle yet on point.

Let’s take a look at an example

A mother cooks dinner for the family despite she isn’t feeling well.

A compliment like “you cook the best food mom” is great, it is for sure better than saying “I didn’t like it”

But it is even greater when everybody finishes their food, cause it will make her feel all she does matter….

Or maybe when one of your team members bust his/her b*** off during a hectic day.

“Thank you for doing that” sounds wonderful

But helping them out when they ask for a help means even more…

When your partner spends her/his afternoon cleaning up the house, maybe in addition to say, Thank you for cleaning Honey!, you can try not to dump your dirty clothes on the floor for like a week?

Or when that sales clerk or whomever doing service for you above and beyond, write about him/her or know his/her name, try to remember her/him

Maybe we should learn to act thankful from our pet…

I know my dog expresses his thankfulness loud and clear…🐕🐕


The Girl With a Foreign Accent


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