My Foreign Name

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Part of living in different country or being an immigrant who speaks totally different language, everything around you IS (can be) Foreign.

The language, the food, the culture, the manners and so on

You are foreign to them, and they are foreign to you. And that can include your name…….

I have a very distinct foreign name to American people of course.

And due to my stubbornness I refuse to change it. Yes sure, I have the “American Social Media name ” but I never really change my name legally.

Too much paperwork.

The consequences?

People misspell my name ALL THE TIME!

Pretty much if I have a penny everytime someone misspell my name, I would be swimming in bronze coins.

Here is the latest one

On this particular case…the person could have easily looked up my name in company directory to make sure she got it right…but hey…that would be too much trouble to do..😎

The Girl With a Foreign Accent

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