Being Ethnic

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Is so much fun when we are not in our own country !

  1. Our naturally tanned skin is money saver : no need to go to tanning salon!
  2. Our obvious odd face feature is an easy (and cheesy🤣) ice breaker
  3. And so is our obvious exotic foreign accent
  4. We are ‘the face of the world’. I mean when we lived local, we’d only see ourself belongs to our ethnic…but others see us–in my case : Pinoy, Thai, Indian, Kazakhstani, Fiji, African, Japanese, Malaysian, Nepalese, Hawaiian….the possibilities are endless 😄🎎
  5. Our foreign name also has many many many different ‘spellings’. 😂😂😂. Even when it only consists of 4 letters 🤣🤣🤣
  6. We are most likely (a bit) more advanced when it comes to geography. At least we know India is not Indonesia, Asian does not equal Chinese and Bali is NOT a country. Yes. I am dead serious, Bali is part of Indonesia, the country. 🗺🌏
  7. We are now one of those people who speak more than one language and some of us even have that cool ‘mysterious’ alphabets which for some people they can only dream to tattooe it on their bod, let alone speak, write or understand it.😁
  8. We always have a ‘ destination’for vacation, never have to worry to decide where to go this time 😘🏝🏖🏞🗻

So…be happy that we are unique, we look different than the rest of the crowds.

We are part of this world!

The Girl With a Foreign Accent

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