When in Chicago, Wear Blue Eyeliner

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I first heard about this city from watching all the Al Capone’ s related movies.

It is for sure one of the ‘must visit’ cities in USA along with San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, DC.

What I heard about Chicago is it is an artistic city with its regular big city huddle and bustle.

Boom! I finally got a chance to pay Chicago a very very very short visit a couple of weeks ago.

And here’s what I learned:


I can pretty much spend my entire day at Michigan Avenue, which reminds me of Orchard Road, Singapore when i was there in the 80’s. Wide pedestrian with stores and stores and stores along the way.

From high end boutiques :Burberry, Cartier, Tiffany and Co, Salvatore Ferragamo to my type of stores (without the hefty 10.25% sales tax of course!) : Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, The Canadian Goose, Uniqlo, Zara, Top Shop etc




Michigan Avenue also has the John Hancock tower where you can do the 360 tour and being tilt while on the top of the building…safely of course !

The ticket price isn’t too bad to view and to do the tilt

I didn’t do either as I want to save it when I am visiting Chicago with my son


Here, you can hop on the trolley or the double decker bus to go around the city

And… They are everywhere.

You will not get hungry in Michigan Avenue.

I can easily drop 00 in this street alone (good thing I dont have 00 to do so!!


Parking is painfully expensive. Be prepared to pay this expense when you are there


When it comes to weather with temperature dropping always think of the word ‘cold’.

Especially in the month of January, February, March, (and apparently) April.

I ended up have to buy an extra coat on clearance and a pair of closed toe leather sneakers so I can enjoy my short visit.


Please, do not spend your dime on chain food place.

Cause Chicago is a food hub.

Nepalese. Mediterranean, Indonesian, Thai, Malaysia, Armenian, Korean, Japanese, pretty much any places in the world is here.

I ate at the Rickshaw, an Indonesian restaurant at Lincoln Park st. Highly recommended! Good food, great ambience and friendly staffs.


Next time I come here, I will always make sure I come hungry!


People of Chicago surprisingly friendly. I was all prepared to face the short big city attitude, but they were friendly and helpful.

And yes, people of Chicago are funky and can appreciate edgy style.

When I was there I wore a electic blue eyeliners and i got many many compliments from Chicagoans. (It wasn’t the 1st time I wore crazy color eyeliners, but it was the 1st time people appreciate it)


You will need more than 3 days to explore this fun city! But it is worth it.

Till I see you again, Chicago!


The Girl With a Foreign Accent

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