Monday 03.19.2018

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Artis Strength and Fitness – Cross-Training

Coaching Comments

Welcome to our Spring Break Free Week! We have our Cross-Training classes today and our Functional Fitness class as well. We also have our Featured Athlete Mitchell Carlson!

Here are our class times.

Cross-Training- 5am, 6am, Noon, 430PM, 530PM, and 630PM

Functional Fitness- 9am. (this class has no barbells or high skill gymnastics)!

All our classes are built for beginners all the way up to the experienced individual. Come see how we can achieve your goals!

Featured Athlete: Mitchell Carlson!

I first came to Artis Strength and Fitness about 1-year-ago. I was in Jon’s intro to weight training class at UNO, and during spring break he invited all of us in the class to a workout at the gym. I happened to come in to the noon class on a Friday during the Crossfit Open. I did not completely know what to expect walking in there so I was a little nervous to try something new in front of people that I didn’t know. I got to the gym early to check the place out and before the workout started I met Bailey and Amy who made me feel completely welcome and I really enjoyed my first crossfit workout. The next week I came back to the gym to learn about the barbell classes with Jen, I knew I found the gym I was looking for!

Taking Jon’s class at UNO and meeting him really happened at the perfect time. I had been going to the gym and doing some basic lifting on my own, but really needed help getting where I wanted to be with my fitness goals. I have joined a handful of gyms and have tried different group classes but never found what I needed. I wanted help with gaining muscle and strength and what I was learning in Jon’s class was perfect and made the transition into the gym very easy. It didn’t take long after my first two classes to join the gym and get through my on-ramp classes.

Now that I have been with the gym for nearly a year I constantly look back at the progress I have made. It only took me a few months to hit my first goal weight and that was just the beginning. I am constantly reaching new PRs and pushing more heavy weight than ever.

It turns out that the goals and improvements aren’t even the best part, it’s the community within the gym. Bailey and Amy were the first two I met at Artis, but quickly everybody else in the gym made it feel like home. I have never been part of a gym where everyone treats each other like family and it really is one of the best motivators. We see each other almost every day, hold each other accountable for workouts, and cheer everyone on as they accomplish new goals. If it weren’t for these people I would not be at the place I am today.

Weight lifting and crossfit have become the best parts of my daily routine. Being a part of coach Jen’s Artis Barbell class and being in the strength program is probably my new favorite thing and where I see the most improvement – my favorite movement is deadlifting! I have never been happier with my physical health and have only been at it for a year, so I can’t wait to see where else I can go!

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

20min AMRAP

12 Hand Release Burpees

12 Toes to bar

12 Box Jumps (step ups)

12 Front Squats

Functional Fitness 9am

20min AMRAP

12 DB Push Presses

12 Sit ups

12 Cal on Rower

12 DB Squats


Artis Strength and Fitness

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