The Wrong God

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Last holiday season, I just got off from work and was just walking down stores to store to see what’s there when 2 young lady approached me and one of them said “Excuse me, can I ask you something?”

Me, wanting being nice during holidays replied “Sure

“Which church do you go to?”

“I don’t go to chucrh”

Shock look on the girl’s face.


“I am not Christian “.

Then the girl started talking non stop about her belief. Which is fine. Which something I already knew. Which is the MAIN reason I do not belong to that belief.

But then later in discussion as it hot heated,  the other girl joined the conversation and stated “we know about the other 2 other major religions, they all have wrong GOD”

I chuckled.

Wrong God.

Is there really a wrong God or it is human who is merely too shallow to understand the being of God?

Who is GOD anyway?

To me, God for those who choose to believe in is one who creates all of us.

We call God different names.

Each of us have different views on how God should be.

But the idea of god among religions is the same, it is the Higher power above us.

I have quite a bit of interest in different religions , I read books about Buddism, Hinduism, Jewish, Bible, Quran, Tao, etc.

Reincarnation is a mystery, so is heaven and hell.

But in a nut shell, they carry similar beautiful message : do good to others.

The way each person carry on their religions in their life differ one another.

Some of us choose church, some goes to temple,  some doesn’t have the need to go to certain place of worship and still believes in God.

I love any places of worship.

I love observing people doing their ritual, I certainly think there something mystical about each ritual.

My views about faith, religions have changed a lot thorough out the course of the years.

I have learned to respect them all.

I don’t think there is that’s the absolute true religion – to an individual maybe, but not all of human

As religion is not something “one fits all”(GOD might but certainly not religion)

Someone chooses a certain religion because it fits him or her thinking the most,

Some people may have to leave the religion he or she was born with to venture different options, I am ok with that, I won’t call them names. I would wish them luck in their searching.

Heck I can even respect agnostic and atheists as long as they are being respectful.

If you claim to have a religion and believe in God yet you are so full of hatred, then you may want to re evaluate your belief

But whatever it is that you settle with, it is what you think is the best for you


There is no wrong God.

There is no need to make everybody follow same religion

No need to burn certain places of worship out fear or whatever reasons

There no need of ethnic cleansing

There are many ways to Rome

Life is boring when we all look the same, eat the same thing, think the same way

We are all human with different beliefs and that what makes life worth living

Let’s all walk peacefully on earth together regardless our beliefs

My God is your God, yet

The Girl With a Foreign Accent

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