People Don’t Read

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No. No. I am not talking about illiterate person,  I am talking about people like me and you, ones who can write and read.

We don’t read – and yes that is including myself.

What are you trying to say Girl??

What I have been noticing that not only people don’t listen – which is very common- not only people don’t communicate verbally well – which is probably the 2nd most common,  BUT

People also do not read.


No. We simply DO NOT READ WELL.

I am guessing, our beautiful, splendid, sometimes arrogant BRAIN (OR IS IT MIND?) likes to do select reading – somehow we are telling our brain or our brain is telling our eyes? to read what ‘you want to read’

Or maybe we are just antsy?
“Should I work this case as this category as the signature is legit?”
“You have to work the case , anytime the signature is being messed, it is our department” (hence the word legit?)

“Hey, I am working on this case, when will the customer get the credit back?”
“Have you checked the list of transactions?”
“Well, I see that…….never mind. I got it!”

How many times we push a door when the sign said PULL?

How many times we read the sale sign as 50% ( totally skip the ‘UP TO’)

Heck. I misread the dates on my schedule so often that it is better for me to just call on the day instead of depending on my ‘reading’

Or when I replied client’s email saying I would schedule an appointment only to find out when I actually read the email again the 2nd time, that she already has an appointment set up!

At this time, I am thinking I should have really taken neuroscience class instead of drawing that steel bridge in college as these things are much more interesting for me to observe!

I am not sure why we don’t “read” well.

But here’s what I know.

Not reading well can cost us money – like,  you totally skip reading the part where you need to review your bank statement monthly .  12 months later you found unknown charges on your account each month. That is 0 going down the drain

Or when I ‘did not’ read my work schedule and missed 30 minutes coming in to work – that is at least (there goes my fancy coffee or Wendy’s lunch deal menu!!)


Let’s slow down. Take a deep breath and start reading word by word completely.

Nobody is racing you.

Let’s start reading.

Word by Word.




The Girl With a Foreign Accent

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