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Ending 2017 With A Visit From A Friend

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I am happy to say, I am about to close 2017 with a wonderful memory.  My friend and her husband and 2 kids from Cleveland decided to stop by and visit me on their Georgia trip.

I don’t know about you, but to me when you live in States with (almost) no family at all, a visit from ANYONE (family, friends, coworker) pretty much, means a lot!

At least to me.

I don’t get a lot of visit.

And hey, I get it, it is not easy to visit someone in different States, you ought to think about transportation, accommodation, timing etc. It is a whole nine yard process. I live in Louisville, not Los Angeles or New York or Chicago or DC or Denver other ‘cool’ places 😉

So that is why I truly really appreciate those who made time to visit me.

This time I was really lucky to have the Hariadi’s visit me in such super short notice.

We only got to spent couple of hours of so, but that’s all that matters.

I love our giggles, I love the warm hugs, the catching up endless chat.

Thank you again Dewi, Nengah, Nanda and Naveen to make time to visit me!

Hopefully one day we will get to visit you in Cle!







The Girl With a Foreign Accent

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