#English IS HARD

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Yes. English IS HARD (capital, bold, underline, highlighted)

Would I rather speak in my mother language any minute any time? Absolutely!

Would I rather speak in my mother language in every conversation  to avoid embarrassment of being wrong or being mocked for pronouncing words incorrectly or even correctly but sounds funny to some people?


But I can’t.

Not only because hardly anyone would understand me, but cause I chose to live here.

The country where I know even before I immigrated here, I am very aware this country use mainly English as the language

No, I am not saying you are not allowed to speak your language,  speak as  you like, speak as you wish!

I am saying, WE – you and me, immigrants of non-English native language, need to learn the main language of the place where you choose to live.

It’s part of the consequences of living outside our native place.

As an immigrant, you know you would be going to a foreign land, where everything most likely would be foreign to you, the people you would meet, the food you would eat, the life style you would experience and the language you would speak, hear and understand.

Nobody says you will need to abandon your own culture, your own language and change yourself into completely different person when you immigrate

But you will need to respect the culture, the language, by learning about them, take them as part of your (new) life

So, let’s learn English, yes maybe our tongue is not made for it, but yes we can learn English to speak, to understand, to write

Let’s not embarrassed ourselves for only knowing Basic English, especially after we have lived in States for years after years

We might not be able to speak English without our foreign accent, and that is fine!

Speaking English with foreign accent is better than broken English

Broken English is better than not learning it at all

Love your native language yet learn your country language where you live in.

As immigrant to immigrant, we can do this!

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The Girl With a Foreign Accent

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