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I think I have always been fascinated with different race.

The first word I was aware that relates to different features of human being is  probably ‘tribe’.

I was born and raised in a country with not that many ‘races’ but many tribes instead. Javanese, Sundanese,  Batak, Manado, Balinese and so on.

and yes I was also aware about the exclusiveness among tribes. How this tribe should only marry someone from the same tribe, that is is a disgrace if you marry someone outside your tribe.

My parents were considered the ‘rebel’ couple. They are not from the same tribe, to make it worse, their tribes were not even from the same island! (outsider!!).

My mom has Javanese and Sumateran (I think it’s Lampung) blood while my Dad was from Kalimantan.

On top of my own mixed- family,  I was very lucky to have friends who were different tribes from all over Indonesia.

I remember Rani from Manado where she has this fair skin and more slanted eyes, then there is Ida Ayu from Bali who has big beautiful eyes, darker brown skin and long thick hair, there is Raymond who is Bataknese with their typical square jaw and loud voice, Dian who is a mixed of Javanese and Ambonese, Yunus from Aceh, Desi from Minang, Ima the elegant wong Solo and so on.

Variety of  tribes fascinate me. I love to know more about their culture, their naming, their clothes, EVERYTHING.

I recalled being excited to attend traditional Bataknese wedding procession, or watching full Javanese wedding ceremony from start to the end.

It’s amazing.

I honesty did not recall having a bad thoughts about knowing, being with people from different tribe.

Then I moved to land of freedom, United States of America, the melting pot of immigrants.

The tribes I knew now becoming races.

And just like loving different tribes, I genuinely love different races.

I know for sure how my eyes grow bigger when I meet someone from different race.

Iran, Lebanon, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Bosnian, Iraqi, India, Russin, Albanian, Romanian, Turkish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Loatian, Greek, Italian, Jewish, Palestine, Phillipinos, Vietnamese, Bulgarian, African Moroccans, Spanish, Mexican, Irish,   Mongolian, oh…I wish I could have a longer list!

I met  absolutely gorgeous, all black, snow white skin Bosnian and got to know a blonde, fair skin, blue eyes one.

Introduced with blue eyed Turkish and brown eyed Turkish, shared a love of shoes with a Jewish girl.

Learned a thing and two from tall handsome Palestinian, laughed with funny hilarious Pakistani, had a play date with curly-black-hair big eyes Japanese and straight-black- hair slanted eyes Japanese. Connected with lovely Spanish lady from my job.  Secretly competing with Russian coworker at work.

Hearing people speak in different language intrigue me, they are music to my ears.

I fell in love with Indian food,  craving to cook my own bulgogi, drooling over baklava, wishing for fresh sushi ,  hoping to sip that Turkish coffee again or having a bite of Belgian waffle or Danish pastry for breakfast, I certainly would not mind.

My favorite aisle in grocery store is international aisle,  I could pretend I was traveling around the world there, simply by admiring everything displayed on the rack. Matzo ball,  Salsa, Wasabi paste, Belgian chocolate, Basmati rice, Yakisoba noodle and so on.


Race to me is a beautiful thing. They are truly a gift to humanity.

Race makes the world richer, more colorful.

No race is more beautiful than the other.

They are equally beautiful , they are equally fascinating.

While I don’t quite understand theory of evolution (cause I think my brain is not up there?!) observing different features of people from different race, kind of help me ‘content’ about it.

I am not by any form a by-the-book religious person,  but this is truly one of my favorite quote from Quran 49:13

O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise (each other)…….

So my fellow human,

why are we using our race to fight against each other?

We are equally unique, equally wonderful, equally interesting.

I am here because you are here and visa versa.

If you can accept who you are, then you can accept other who they are.

Those blue eyes are beautiful of course!

and those black eyes are magnificent.

No one is more superior than others.


(well, unless Superman is real and technically he is alien)







The Girl With a Foreign Accent


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