Thursday 10.19.2017

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Here’s the thang, folks: Getting #jacked and #ripped isn’t just about the work you put in in the gym. It isn’t about what program you’re following or how many workouts you do per day or how many steps you accumulated on your FitBit. This is part of it, but only one small part. The other more major factor is, whatchu eatin’? You can show up at the gym 7 days a week and work your tail off, and you won’t see much of a change if you go home and shovel in junk/spend all weekend “cheating”/don’t eat enough. If you’re eating too much, too little, or even the wrong macronutrient proportions, the work you do in the gym can be all for nothing.

We will be having another RP challenge coming up soon, so keep your eyes peeled. This is, of course, open to those wishing to cut, maintain, or mass, because all three are critical factors in achieving your aesthetic goals.


A) Clean: 80/3, 85/2, 90/1*3, 85/2

B) Power Snatch: 80/3, 85/2, 90/1*3, 85/2*2, 80/3*2, 80/2*2

C) Clean Pull: 80/3, 85/3, 90/2*3, 85/2*4, 80/2

D) BS: 80/3, 85/3, 90/2*3, 85/2*2, 80/3*2

E) Press from split: 3×5

F) Abs of choice: 3×12

G) BB Back Extensions: 3×12


4-10 reps (3 is too few, 12 is too many); use proper loading. Must be heavy.

A) Deadlift: 3 sets of 1/fail @10RM+15% or 90% of 1RM

B) Sumo Squat: 3 sets of 1/fail @10RM+15% or 90% of 1RM

C) DB Walking Lunges: 3 sets of 1/fail @10RM+15% or 90% of 1RM

D) Press: 3 sets of 1/fail @10RM+15% or 90% of 1RM

E) Wide Grip Pullups: 2 sets of 1/fail @10RM+15% or 90% of 1RM

F) BB Facepull: 2 sets of 1/fail @10RM+15% or 90% of 1RM

G) Stair Calves: 3 sets of 1/fail @10RM+15% or 90% of 1RM


A) Wide Grip Bench: 4×10 @75% of 10RM

B) DB Incline Bench: 3×8 at 7RPE

C) Wide Grip Pullups: 4×8

D) Lateral Raises: 2×8

E) Bent Over Rear Lateral Raises: 3×8

F) DB Skull Crushers: 2×8

G) DB Curls: 2×8 e/a

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