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Surabaya Jewellery Fair 2017

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The ICONIC Jewellery Fair in Eastern Indonesia.

The SURABAYA INTERNATIONAL JEWELLERY FAIR (“SIJF”) is the most prestigious and celebrated jewellery trade fair in Eastern Indonesia that provides entrepreneurs and business owners alike to congregate, trade, and exchange latest market information within jewellery industry.

SIJF has marked and passed its 20-year jewellery journey in Indonesia as a pioneer in exhibiting international jewellery trade fair, catalyzing the growth of jewellery industry, and enhancing the welfare of SME.

Surabaya, as the 2nd largest city in Indonesia, is a central region for business, trade, industry, and education in Eastern part of Indonesia.  The population of Surabaya and its suburbs has around 6 million people making it one of most populated cities in ASEAN region and Indonesia.  It has a huge consumer-retailed market with purchasing power much higher than that of national average purchasing power and has become a hub for jewellery market in Eastern Indonesia.  SIJF has become an official annual provincial event of East Java Province.  In fact, SIJF in 2002 was commemorated by President Megawati Soekarnoputri.

This year 21st SURABAYA INTERNATIONAL JEWELLERY FAIR 2016 (“21st SIJF 2016”) will hold its annual trade fair on 27 – 30 OCTOBER 2016 at GRAND BALLROOM – SHANGRI-LA HOTEL, SURABAYA – INDONESIA.  The fair provides great opportunity for manufacturersdistributors, wholesalers and suppliers in diamond, gold, silver, pearl, precious and semi precious stones to congregate and establish business relationship into a consumer market of Indonesia’s 2nd largest city. Please check out the website to find out more.

Exhibitors of 21st SIJF 2016 will showcase wide selections of gold, silver, pearl, diamond, precious & semi-precious stones, rough stones, and other fine crafts & jewellery with latest designs and high-tech jewellery machineries that set upcoming trends for consumer and jewellery markets.  Other attractive merchandises, such as: jewellery accessories, machinery, equipment & tools and display & packaging will also be showcased at the fair.

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