Monday 10.30.2017

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Artis Strength and Fitness – Cross-Training

Coaching Comments

We have a bunch of people from our gym doing the “Skeleton Crew Challenge” put on by @concept2inc! You have to row a total of 31,000m from now until Halloween! So we are going to piggyback this thing and say we are going to ask everyone to bring garbage bags of clothes, shoes, kitchen items, or anything they want to donate and we want to see if we can get 31 garbage bags full of donations. We want you to look around your house and really see what you use and if someone in need could benefit from your items. Drop off now until Halloween!

Push Press (2-2-2-2-2)

Metcon (Time)

Use rack

Front Squat x10

Burpees x15

Double Unders x30

4 rounds

Functional Fitness 9am

1min jump rope

1min lunges

1min plank

1min push balls (push press wall balls)

1min Russian Swings KB

3 rounds

Artis Strength and Fitness

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