Top Photography Apps to edit on the go!

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“The best camera is the one you have with you” – this old adage cannot be more true. For all those picture-perfect moments that pop up spontaneously during your travels, your smartphone is often the best way to capture them. Filtering out the flurry of photography apps for you, these are our top picks across both iOS and Android. So whether you’re looking for a new way to shoot, edit your photos or get inspired, these apps are sure to turn them into masterpieces to share!

Manual Mode made minimal – Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop Express

Fig. 1: Editing on the Adobe Lightroom App

When it comes to photo-editing softwares, no one does it quite like Adobe. In minimizing their renowned desktop softwares into mobile versions, both Lightroom and Photoshop Express still offer one of the most capable and comprehensive post-production systems to edit on the go. Appealing most to travel photographers looking for quick edits, they give you the ability to manually post-process your photographs as with added features like blending images, text, RAW image capture and editing, etc. With even better news for our fellow Adobe users, Lightroom is meant for your convenience as it automatically syncs with its desktop counterpart. So you don’t have to worry about portability from desktop to mobile, all you have to do is sync them over for editing on the go and sharing with your friends!

Download Lightroom for iOS or Android.
Download Photoshop Express for iOS or Android.

Simple Edits and Filters – Snapseed and VSCO

VSCO_iTunes 1.jpeg
Fig. 2: Your studio view of photographs added within VSCO

Free of interface clutter, both Snapseed and VSCO offer a stills-only editor approach that’s built for visual composition and simple editing in mind. Set your exposure and focus independently, make subtle lighting adjustments, switch up the strength of presets and even peer through a curated gallery of creators’ photos. With Instagram communities in the millions (both hashtags and user accounts), Snapseed and VSCO offer more than photo-editing. Get inspired by fellow users whether they be newbies looking to improve their photography skills or avid photographers adopting their own quick style template.

Download Snapseed for iOS or Android.
Download VSCO for iOS or Android.

Mesmerising Overlay Effects – Pixlr

Fig. 3: Editing on Pixlr

Otherwise known as the simpler, web-based photo-editor, Pixlr has long been a favourite with image editors! Choose from pre-defined dimensions for accurate resizing, stylizing, impressive overlay effect options, and more – if there’s one go-to photography app for you to let creativity run loose, this may just be it! Get creative with lighting and mood adjustments, or use one-click autofixes for quick and automatic control.  

Download Pixlr for iOS or Android.

Go on, snap away and create your digital feed of memories. Don’t forget to share your new and improved #FraserMoments with us!

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