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I don’t know how many of you know that I work 2 jobs. One is a full time job in financial institution and the other is a part time job at one of women’s clothing stores. I have been working at both jobs about the same time, only 1 week apart – will be 5 years this year.

I used to work part time at my job at financial institution, then when I switched to full timer, Summer 2016,  many people were surprised to find I am still keeping my other job at the retail store.

‘Is that what you want?’ people ask me, not just once.

Well, there are many reasons why I am keeping my second job, which I call my ‘Happy Job’.

First of without I realizing myself – just realized it recently, I was actually very familiar with working 2 jobs concept.  My mom held 2 jobs. She worked at 2 places until she’s retired.

So having 2 jobs aren’t a foreign concept for me, maybe it’s just in my blood.

Second, many moons ago, we got hit by the recessions, 2008. Spouse lost his job, I was only working part time in this big box department store at our town. I was lucky there was a full time opening the same time I came rushing to my HR person to let her know my hub was out of job, I took the full time immediately.

For over a year, our family survived the recessions, where weekly expenses were covered solely from my retail job, we were not behind our mortgage as we got unemployment insurance, food was always on the table, my son – 2 years old then- was covered by state health insurance, none of us got sick.

It was almost unbelievable for me. (Me, the spoiled brat daughter whose parents used to pay everything for her, a spender, could bring in enough money for 3 people only from my ‘no-brainer’ retail job).

Ever since then, retail job always has a soft spot on me, it’s proven to contribute to help my family survived.

Third….well extra money is always welcome. ?

I have a separate account for my 2nd job just cause my mind works better that way when it comes to managing money.  Last year, when my son was in 5th grade, I was managed to save up around ,500 from September to February just from my retail job to pay for his special 5th grade trip to DC.

So yeah…i am kind of a big advocate of 2nd happy job.

How can it be not a happy  job when I am always inside a nice cool AC place, looking at nice clothes,  excited seeing what other people buying, no need to worry about people lying about their situation (like my main job), no need to worry about making wrong decision on a case and yay, I get an employee discount too – which feed my fondness of clothes sold at the store I work at!

So, maybe financially you don’t need that 2nd job, good for you, but if you do, then here are the tips for getting the happy 2nd job  :

  • Make sure it will be something you like, yes, you would only be there part time, but you still want to ‘be there’ not just a breathing human being standing. For instance, I would not choose to work at hardware store, cause I can’t tell the difference between nuts and bolts – yes I was a civil engineer. Or I would not choose to work at make up counter as well, I can’t do make up! ? So far I have chosen to work at woman’s clothing – obvious why I like woman’s clothing, women’s shoes – yes, I am shoes addict and men’s department, cause men are not as complicated as women when it comes to getting dress.
  • Make sure it is within a manageable distance from where you live – when I was looking for a job in retail, I limit my search to 2 interstate exit down maximum. Why?  well, we used to just have 1 car and my spouse could not guarantee that I could always use his car to go to my work, so I have always chose place to work where I can go there on foot. That way in case he was stuck and could not make it home on time, I could still go to work on foot.  The other consideration is pay vs gas.  If I am only making /hour , I ain’t drive all the way across town to go to work.
  • As this is supposed to be your ‘additional’ to your main job, try to choose the less stressful one. You might already be dredging going to your 1st job, why doing the same thing for your 2nd job.
  • Put your paycheck in separate account – now this is purely my personal preference, but to me the advantages are ‘real’. It helps me budgeting, constraining and saving better.

I think that’s good enough for now.

I wish you well in finding your happy job! Good luck!







The Girl With a Foreign Accent

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