Tuesday 08.01.2017

Bret Contreras is known as “The Glute Guy” and is one of my favorites to follow. Who doesn’t love good glutes, amirite? A few of his favorite glute exercises will be included in our upcoming hypertrophy cycle, and I will be also including some more frequently into our weightlifting and strength cycles. Read more about him here.

A) Snatch Pull + Low Hang Snatch: 60/2+2, 70/2+2, 75/2+2, 80/2+1, 85/2+1, 80/2+1*2

B) Clean Pull + Low Hang Clean: 60/2+2, 70/2+2, 75/2+2, 80/2+1, 85/2+1, 80/2+1*2

C) FS Recovery: 50/3, 60/3, 70/3*4

D1) Press: 3×8

D2) Death March: 3x40yds


REMEMBER: Ideally, 8-19 reps per set

A) Flat DB Bench Press: 3 sets of 2/fail @10RM-2.5%

B) Seated DB Press: 3 sets of 2/fail @10RM-2.5%

C) BB Skull Crushers: 4 sets of 2/fail @10RM-2.5%

D) Supine Grip Bent Over Row: 3 sets of 2/fail @10RM-2.5%

E) Close Stance Toes Forward Squats: 3 sets of 2/fail @10RM-2.5%

F) Death March: 3 sets of 2/fail @10RM-2.5%

G) Abs of choice: 4 sets of 2/fail @10RM-2.5%


A) BS: 3×5

B) Bench Press: 3×5

C) DB Walking Lunges: 3×10 e/l

D) BB Tricep Extensions: 3×10

E) Abs of choice: 3×10

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