Onde-onde, get your first bite

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Jakarta, 10/8 traditional snack Onde-onde (foto:Ida Nurcahyani)

Jakarta, (jakartalounge) – Onde-onde is one of Indonesian famous traditional pastry cake. It is originally fromChinabut then it is spread along with Chinese arrival. You can find onde-onde in most places inIndonesialike along Pasar Baru walkside.

Onde-onde are made of glutinous rice flour. It is coated with sesame seeds on the outside. It taste crispy on the outside and chewy inside. Inside of the pastry is hollow and filled with black bean paste.

Onde-onde is very popular. In Pasar Baru area,Central Jakarta, you can get this delicious pastry only for Rp. 3000 or  three onde-onde just by US

“I like onde-onde because it tastes sweet and whenever I get the first bite, I feel like surprised with it’s sweetness,” said Indria (25), an onde-onde lover.

“Besides, onde-onde reminds me of my childhood. I get special feelings when I eat this pastry,” she added.

This sesame ball is worldwide popular and named in many different language according to its native. In Chinese, it is called jin deui, in Japanese it is called goma dango, while in India called til ke ladoo. (Ida Nurcahyani)

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