Monday 08.07.2017

Artis Strength and Fitness – Cross-Training

Coaching Comments

Check out Sean Waxman’s website and his great videos. High quality information and coaching! We will be doing his “I Hate Running” program for the next 4 weeks. We will do it Monday, Wednesday, and Friday’s.

Front Squat (5×5)

Stay at some weight for all sets of 5

IHR wk2d1 (AMRAP – Reps)



Rest 1min

8 rounds

1-4 rounds – back squat to press

5-8 rounds -RDL to upright row
5 plus reps each 15 seconds and do 1 warm up round of each with the bar to see if you want to stay there or add weight for the workout.

Artis Strength and Fitness

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