It’s Hard To Be a Woman – part 1

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that’s what I think. Honestly.

Not only society’dictates us how to look and how to behave,  we also get criticize by other women.

For some reasons, we ought to be in certain standards to be accepted as ‘beautiful’ or as a ‘real’ woman.

Hair – longer is better. Lots of volume. Sleek. Colored. No split ends. No fizz.

Plump lips. You have dry, chapped lips? shame on you!

Perfectly arched eye brows.

Rosy cheeks. Colored nails for every season.

Fuller chest.  Big butt. Pore less skin. and the list go on.

and that’s only about appearance. I have not discussed about ‘women’s obligation, the list would be even longer!

It is exhausting!

Especially for someone like me!

The idea of sitting on a salon for hours to have my hair colored is absolutely not appealing at all!

Sitting on nail salon to have manicure or pedicure is relaxing, but doing it ritually, like every 2 weeks? no, thank you.

Don’t get me wrong! of course I like to feel beautiful.

(I hurts when someone calls you UGLY)

But sometimes I can’t help but wonder….

Why can’t we tell woman that it’s OK to just have your natural hair color.

I once heard this mom told her other kid that the older siblings wear things better just because she is blonde. (and I was like…really??!!)

You like shorter hair, go ahead go pixie.

We don’t need to have a longer hair just cause our ‘spouse’ or friends or whomever prefer to have it that way?

You like to put make up on, then great. Just cause you like make up does not mean every woman should like them as much as you do.

I remember when I was little, maybe in middle school, all my female cousins started to ‘worry’ about me as I was bit on the boyish side. Short hair, wore short and shirt all the time. So they decided to buy my first lipstick and made me wear it.

The message I got then : if you want to become a real girl, wear lipstick. it’s a must.

But I guess, the force of being a girl then did not stuck with me growing up.

I have never done anything with my eyebrows except on my wedding day. I thought about threading, but..mmm…no.

I tried coloring my hair, but I decided it’s not me. Not only my hair did not take the color and it’s a waste of money, but also I ain’t sit for 2 freakin’ hours anymore at any salon except for special occasion.

My lips? I like lipstick but I usually only apply it once then I don’t care anymore.

Why are we so bothered by other woman’s imperfect appearance?

Why do we feel the need to fix them? while they don’t even ask for you to fix it.

I just had my hair trimmed today, in that cheap chain hair cut place. It cost me including tips. I have had hair cut several times and realized the result all looked the same on me. So why bother.

I don’t know. Maybe I am cheap. Maybe I am not that ‘woman’. Maybe I am only half woman then?

This is when the pep talk kicks in.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

With or without make up

Plump or thin lips

Long or short hair

Natural or Colored

Love your self. Take care yourself, cause nobody else will.

and please

Go minding your own f****** business

















The Girl With a Foreign Accent

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