Taking Vacation From My Comfort Zone

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I honestly can classify myself as a ‘sheltered’ person.  My whole childhood (& even adulthood) was pretty much protected. I was not allowed to go on weekend camping trip, attended an after school activities, beach trip with high school class mates, any trip without my parents pretty much a NO.

I might be lucky enough like once or twice, my parents gave me a green light to do this outdoorsy activities: one time did a out of town camping trip where my high school held annually and another time I was pretty much adult, I braved myself joining my friends to do rafting.

That camping was OK, the rafting was fun.

That’s it. Then I took a leap of faith. I immigrated to US all by myself to live with a guy I hardly knew.

Then I realized the necessity of leaving your comfort zone. Necessity? Yes. To me, it is almost a ‘must thing’ to do. Every now and then I dare myself to leave my comfort zone.

I decided to drive a 16 feet moving truck 1,600++ miles across the country with my then 4 year old son. I scratched the truck while getting gas, and took a out of nowhere, hardly any service road instead of inter-state once, but I made it.

I decided to drive my smartie from Kentucky to Wisconsin to meet my cousin, again just with my son.

Can I do it?

That’s the question I regularly ask myself.

Sometimes it’s a simply thing, like today.

I gifted myself (it’s my birthday), by doing the tree top adventure with my son.  I did it once with the whole family (to be read, my husband was there, and he’s more outdoor person than me) , but this time he was not coming. What that means is if something would happen to me, he would not be there to help me.

Of course, I was ‘stuck’ just like the first time – this time was bit worse, as I was ‘freaked out’ only at the first obstacle! I seriously almost cried due to embarrassment and desperation.  (embarrassed as my son was already at the other , and why on earth an adult like me could not brave myself to go through the obstacle? and desperate as nobody could help me except myself and asking for help from the staffs on the first obstacle was not what I expected!!)

I stood at the platform for a while, maybe 10 minutes or so. I did not think I can do it. There is no sort of handle on my left or right, only a rope for my hooks and this dangling tiny round beam to cross.

I finally pulled myself together and started crossing that wooden beam which was only held by a rope from one end to another. Yep. I slipped few times, not quite falling-surprisingly,  so I kept on trying until I crossed.

Just when I think I could not face any more ’embarrassment’ , I found myself dangling from this ‘swing’ like rope. I almost gave up and wanting to scream for help, but again, I forced myself to go to the other end. I made it.

When all the courses done, I was sweating , out of breath and one of my finger turned purplish as i accidentally pinched it with the hook while zip lining.

But again, I was glad I pushed myself.

Would I do it again? Yes.  And even if I would not, I am glad I have done it.

Happy Birthday to me! I wish to braving myself as I grow older!

(Life is an adventure with obstacles along the way, face it! and conquer it! )



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