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I was officially on the rotation to work from home in the beginning of May 2017, after a bit over a month working at the office.

So by now, I have been working from home pretty regularly.  What is still not regular for me is finding a good working station at home.

Is not that we don’t have a space, but it is really not at easy at I thought it would be.

First spot : I tried the master bedroom.

Where I have a desk area. Well, it ain’t working as my working hour start fairly early for my not-a-morning person spouse who was pissed hearing me typing on the laptop.  So I moved to

Second spot : the TV area

Sitting on our couch sounds relaxing, right? but I ended up slouching my back to much and I did not like that at all. Not to mention, I could not bring my TV as my 2nd computer.

tiff infomation

tiff infomation

Then I tried…..

Third spot : patio

Great natural lighting! Big  round table all for myself, plenty of space for my laptop, small TV, etc. Love it until the wind starts blowing……..I ended up had to pin all my hair up, put paper weigh aka rock on every piece of paper I need to look up. And because I need to call up clients, I can’t really do that at outdoor area. No privacy man! Searched other spots in the apartment…

Forth spot : my son’s bedroom

Works great as it was bit separated from the other room it has door etc, but I think the desk we have there is too high and after a week,  my neck and my back start to hurt. Like hurts really bad and it’s just so uncomfortable.

At this time, I feel really bum.

Yes yes we do have an extra room aka office room but it’s mostly my spouse and the idea working side by side with him for 8 hours is really NOT ‘appealing’ at all. So that room is never an option to begin with.

I want a space with big space for my laptop and the monitor, keyboard etc without having to disrupt our everyday life!  The…

Fifth spot : dining table

Was good space for me, but my family ended up never having dinner together…so I really did not like it, not to mention my cat was creating a meme about it….



OK. So last night. We came up with the

Sixth spot : in the living/dining area

We tucked in my lil purple desk in the corner, brought in my purple office chair and put up all the devices needed.

I used some boxes to raise up the monitor, found my old laptop rise for the laptop, bought a new keyboard to save my  wrists from having carpal tunnel syndrome (or is it for saving my neck from twisting to wrong direction? – one of those 2!)

I even laid a yoga mat in front of my station to force me to take a stretch break!


Well, we shall see.

Nevertheless, I am still enjoying remote working, while looking forward to working at my 2nd job so that I can dress up and keep using my clothes!! ;-))









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