Once There Was a Girl

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She was the youngest in the family, compare to the other family member, she was probably the less intelligent one.

Her brother pretty much surpassed her in everything, he was the best student in for the whole middle school year while she was struggling with math problems and barely could pass the D grade.

He got an outstanding test result on his English test that he got one course for free, she could not even get to his level.

He was accepted at prestigious state university, she was lucky to get enrolled at the local private university and finally graduated after 6 years of not really knowing what she was doing.

She lived in a delicate shell, with existing cracks in every corner. No matter where she stepped in it was a wrongdoing.

‘You were not a wife material, you inherit mental sickness from your family, I could not be married to you’. Said a man to her before he left her.

Slut. Whore. Useless. Ungrateful. Idiots. Stupid.

She heard them all from as young as 11 years old girl to older highly intelligent man.

She found great interest in writing, but was told nobody would read her article.

She brought in all the beautiful clothe from her country to display on the rack but was told, they did not belong there. She had to pack them up in a big brown box.

She cleaned, cooked, dusted, scrubbed, washed…. yet they were untraceable, invisible to the naked eyes as if she did none.

She works as she was told to, and was told she causing the family financial strain.

She had all this awards she won, how she wanted to show them off, how she wanted to display them and made everybody else proud too,  but no. Nobody cares.

Because in the eyes of the people whom she knows,


she lives but not alive.

she has died long time ago when a person she had hoped she could trust the most, dwelling in spirituous life.

PHOENIX is her only hope







The Girl With a Foreign Accent

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