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Artis Strength and Fitness – Cross-Training

Deadlift (2RM)

Do not fail and do not let yourself try another rep with bad movement!

Courtesy of Waxman’s Weightlifting. Always a quality resource!

Metcon (5 Rounds for reps)

Sean Waxman

“I hate running workout”

• Main Workout: 5 Rounds of the following:

1. Back squat (20 seconds)

2. Press (20 seconds)

3. Good Morning (20 seconds)

4. Overhead Squat (20 seconds)

5. Romanian Deadlift (RDL) (20 seconds)

6. Front Squat (20 seconds)

Rest 2 minutes.

Use barbell and maintain PERFECT position for all reps. Do not worry about speed or reps, worry about how perfect it can be.

Coaching Comments

I love this because this is exactly what we preach and here are the side notes from Sean Waxman:

Main Workout:

1. Technique before speed: Maintaining good technique is your highest priority here. Even with your foot on the gas. Pace (or speed) should come second. You must remain under control and in proper positions. You should not accept poor movements just to go faster.

2. Weight: Choose a weight that allows you to complete a minimum of 5 repetitions (but ideally more) per exercise per 20 seconds. We recommend an empty barbell for most people. If you don’t have (or can’t manage) a barbell, you may substitute with dumbells, kettlebell, or anything comparable you may have handy. We recommend you do not add much weight to start. The workout will get tiring for most people even with just an empty bar. Of course if you are already very strong and fit, you can try it with a little extra weight, but don’t say we didn’t warn you!

3. Strategy: Your goal is to complete each exercise by doing as many reps as possible in the allotted time while maintaining perfect form (see our guidance for rep count below). DO NOT sacrifice your technique for the sake of speed. As you get more practice and get fitter, you will be able to get more reps per exercise.

Also, try to maintain a consistent rep count for each exercise. If you get 10 reps of back squat during your first round, you should strive to hit 10 reps in back squat on every round (rep count may vary slightly by exercise). If you can go faster in later rounds, great! But do not race out of the gate only to die on the back half.

4. Rep count guidelines (per 20 seconds):

4-7 reps: Novice

8-12 reps: Intermediate

13+ reps: Advanced (if you are regularly hitting 15 reps or more, consider adding weight)

Artis Strength and Fitness

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