90 Days. The Switch. The Pros and Cons

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Yesterday,  June 20, 2017,  I hit my 90 days mark after my switch to this new role.

Of course like any other new job or role in my case, there have been a lot of adjustments, learning, changing habits, and making mistakes (to be better in what I am doing).

First is the type of job itself.

I used to be customer facing, I am not anymore. I still have conversation with customers, but I never have to meet them face to face.

My job now is more an individual job rather than ‘team work’ job.  Means, I am responsible of my own work ques and my other team members won’t really affected with it as they have their own, while I used to have to ‘hand the stick’ to another team members so that we could achieve our goals.

But at the same time, I actually interact more with my many more employees from different areas where I have developed more sense of being a unity with other employees than I was when I was in my prior role.

I understand each person’s roles more and their function in the company and how they matters, how each of us is like a big weaving surface, where when one string gets loose, then the other strings can only do so much to hold on …..

Second the location.

I used to only have to drive 2.2 miles round trip to my workplace. During lunch time, I could simply go home and eat at home.

Now, I have commute 26.8 miles round trip plus parking –

In the beginning of the year, I had to leave when it’s still dark outside….

Sucks? Not really ….as

I ONLY  have to do it for 2 weeks in a month in average. I work 1 week at the office and 2 weeks at home.

Yep. I can work remote!

I have always been wanting to work remote – aka working from home, so this is like a wish comes true for me.

I did not intentionally seek this job because it’s remote type of job, I was merely looking for something different within the company. This job fits  the curiosity, digging, questioning , connecting dots  thinking that I have.

Basically I get paid for questioning the validity of something, without getting into trouble. So that’s a good thing!

And yes, I am not going to lie, working from home is wonderful.

No gas expenses, no food expenses, no coffee expenses and……NO clothing expenses.

Although working downtown has its own uniqueness as well.

Like having  food truck vendors,  as much as I usually bring food from home, I am still excited checking out what food trucks will show today on the side of my building.

Or watching a live music on the open area – like today.  I had to watch 3 musicians played French songs.

Or having free coffee, donuts in the lobby as the building management regularly throws a Monday Perks for its tenants.

Or watching some kind of march, oration even a peaceful demo passing through the downtown street.

Third the learning

My prior roles emphasizing more on customer service and sales with many ‘sweets,’ my new role emphasizing on being fair and factual.

Of all those above changes…….

Here’s the funny thing. And it’s very shame of me having to say this, but I am all about honesty, so I am going to spill it out anyway……

I am finding myself confused on what to wear to work.

I know. I know. It’s a super shallow statement. No need to tell me that.

But…until now, I am still feeling awkward (aka not confident) on what should I wear to work.

Tell you the truth? Nobody cares!! seriously!

My team members wear jeans, maybe chino, rarely dress pants, nice(r) T shirt, polo shirts, sport shoes, sleeveless top.

No necklace statements, no dangling earrings, no stacking bracelets, no pumps, no 5 inches heels footwear, no fancy handbag (as it is replaced by bulky heavy laptop carrier!).

It’s good and bad at the same time.

It’s good that I don’t have to buy ‘nice’ clothes anymore, or spend  minutes and minutes staring at my closet thinking what to wear for today…..

it’s bad as I don’t know what to do with the rest of my clothes now??!!

But hey, it’s a good problem to have. So let it be.

Happy 90 days for me and more days to come to become a better investigator!












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