Women And Our Effort To Be Beautiful

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Let’s be honest. We, women (OK, fine, most women) want to look beautiful. We know better that the ‘inside’ is more important yet we are still making a lot of effort to beautify our outside aka appearance.

Including me.

Of all the things we polish, I am going to talk about specifically hair.

While other women constantly worry about : length of their hair, which part needs highlighting, what should be the color of this season, split ends, trimming, shining, volume, straightening ; my main concern about hair is pretty much only one( for now) :hair loss (later most likely covering gray hair) other than that, I could not care less.

(Come to think of it : I twice tried to color it, but I could not stand staying in the steamer not doing anything but merely to have the color set into my hair. It drove me nuts both times!!)

However, knowing that my hair is naturally wavy, I have been wanting to bring the wave back. I remember how my Mom used to pig tails me on both sides and my hair would curl up perfectly just like Nellie in Little House On The Prairie (and gosh, if you are far off my age group and have no clue what I am referring about, please Google it!).

That memory of myself keep reminiscing in me, most of the time, it was not possible for me to bring the wavy back? why? because I had been keeping my short for ..well..pretty much …forever long time ago. I had slightly longer hair in 2009-2010, but I cut it short again.

Just this last year, I have decided to grow my hair. hey after all, I do want to look purrrrrrrttyyyyyyyy and to look more ‘woman’ (as my son one time complaint as my hair was short and I looked like a guy!), not that there’s anything wrong to look like a guy, but I do want to look bit more feminine (I was pretty much a tomboy when I was a little girl).

So, now I have a shoulder length hair, which I should be able to curl it nicely right? I mean, I have seen women with shorter hair than me can curl their hair like pro! Why can’t I?

Well. I can’t.

When it comes to hair, I am pretty much disabled.

I have a nice curling hair I got from ULTA for free, I googled youtube videos on ‘How To Curl Your Hair Using Curling Iron’, I bought a old-fashioned rolls and last effort, today, I bought these hair noodles.

It was .99 and I got a coupon for .50, so I got them cheaper- (which made me feel less guilty on spending money on something I might likely fail to use)

I started putting them in my hair, super excited, as I can sense the vibe of ‘I got this’ all over me.

Then my son looked at me and asked

“Mom, why do you have Nerf Rebelle Bullets all over your hair?”

‘Well Son…it all starts when………………………….


The Girl With a Foreign Accent

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