What Does Living in America Mean to Me?

I speak with an accent.


I remember being confused the first time I was told I have an accent. I was like ‘What do you mean??’

Having born and raised in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, I didn’t realize then I had that snob feeling as I was a big city girl : I don’t have an accent (like those who are not from Jakarta)

Plus, I never really pay attention to my own voice when I speak English. So how should I know that I speak with accent??

And look at me now.  I am that girl with a foreign accent.

The funny thing is to most white Americans, my accent sounds the same as any other people from any countries outside America.

Sometimes the comments I received about my accent can be annoying and hurtful.

Like one time this client got all upset about his check being rejected, and I told him that we don’t see problem at our end and he stated “

I don’t know whom I called at the number, all I know is I spoke with someone with a thick accent just like you.

What the f***?


At the same time, I have received nice comments about my accent as well.

Your accent is so pretty. I love it. I wish I had an accent like you do.

(I surely can relate to that comment as I am totally crazy hearing French people speaking English with their cute French accent!)

I am now embracing my accent as part of my identity. It is me. It’s most likely what happen to people who speak more than one language. It’s almost part of nature.

You don’t like it, well, sorry for you, cause I like it.

The Girl With a Foreign Accent

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