What Does Living in America Mean To Me?

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I have to learn to speak English more fluently.

Otherwise….Geez…don’t you realize how cruel the world out there if you don’t speak English here???

People will look down at you.

Which I understand. Despite there have been some ‘movements’ lately here especially in social media that USA is not an English speaking country, so we-immigrants-are not really required to speak English here.

I think it’s a fact that the majority of people, community, place of business in USA use English in their communication.

So it’s logical to me, if I want to live my life here, then I will have to speak the language. I would do the same thing should I live in China or Japan or Italy or Finland or any other countries in the world – which I am seriously thankful that I live in US, cause I have learned English since I was in middle school (7th grade), so what I need to do is keep improving.

I could see myself doing ‘bombay cry’ should I have lived in Greece. Just sayin’



The Girl With a Foreign Accent

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