What Does Living in America Mean To Me?

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I am now a minority.

Is it bad? Not really.

The first town I lived, I was truly a minority, there were very few color people seen there. I was one of the rare ones. I remember walking down an aisle at Costco when an elderly guy grabbed me in my arm, looked at me up and down and asked ‘Where are you from???’

I am not just minority based on my race. I am also a minority based on my faith.

Again. It’s not necessarily bad.

I actually had a very wonderful first experience being a minority based on faith. My workplace held a Christmas party – read it carefully: Christmas Party. I was 8 months or so pregnant, me and my spouse attended the party. And guess what, I was served a special meal as I was asked about my dietary restriction by my supervisor at work.

I was astounded.  Didn’t expect nor thought about getting this treatment before and that really meant a lot to me. I was the only one who has this dietary restriction in the company – it’s a locally owned business place – I would have been fine eating vegetables or dessert.

Especially considering when I was in Jakarta, Indonesia, I had to gulp myself eating together with my boss and his staffs and all they ordered were pork based dish.

So yeah..that’s a good feeling. And that’s what INCLUSIVE means here in US.

Being minority also means: I don’t always find my place of worship, especially in smaller town, or knowing that I might not find a city-wide celebration for my festive days. But I learnt to happily pray wherever as to GOD belongs the east and the west and be OK to go years without celebrating Eid and solely doing Ramadan.


It’s OK. Life goes on.

The Girl With a Foreign Accent

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