Top 5 Smart Automation Your Home Needs Right Now

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The verdict is out. The ‘Best Smart Home gadgets’ list is out for 2017. Ever since Taiwanese tech firm Asus launched its’ SmartHome devices at the IT Show in March for the first time in Singapore and outside of its home country, everybody couldn’t wait to get their hands on one.

How relevant is the Internet of Things?

Market research firm Gartner has forecasted that 8.4 billion connected things will be in use worldwide in 2017, up 31 percent from 2016, and will reach 20.4 billion by 2020.

Simply put, consumer applications (most used by consumers will be smart TVs and digital set-boxes) will represent 63 percent of total IoT applications in 2017.

Internet of Things and smart home automation – how will it change the way we live?


So how will change the way we live? A lot!

Homes around the world will become smart (er). All electronics devices and automation systems are connected through one network and consequently at your command. Whatever, you want or need to be done in your home will be executed through voice recognition, tablet or a remote control.

Taking it a step further, smart homes are programmed to work together. Everything works in succession because the house automatically ‘understands’ what you want without the need of a control panel or app. For example: unlocking your door when you get close or letting you know exactly what’s happening in your home when you’re at work or on holiday.

We are no longer talking about staying connected, rather how smart the home is. How cost and energy –efficient can it be. Smart homes are a growing trend, and with millennial wanting to be in control of everything, IoT will not be slowing down anytime.

So what are the best Smart Home devices of 2017?

Google this and you get an extensive list from your tech media. We put together 5 top smart devices that are essential to your home.

Smart Home Gadget #1 – Best white-light smart bulbs

philips-hue-wireless-dimming-kit.jpgPhilips Hue Wireless Dimming Kit

The undisputed Philips Hue makes waves again with its simple and affordable way to get started with smart lighting. No installation and it’s wireless. Just place the switch anywhere and you’re good to go.

Smart Home Gadget #2 – Best customised home security

scout-security-system-product-photos-8.jpgScout Home Security System

Yes, security doesn’t come cheap. And yes, sometimes you don’t need every single feature. Here’s a system, which allows you to customise according to your needs. Still expensive but at least you get to choose what you want to keep your home safe without the additional bells and whistles.

Smart Home Gadget #3 – Best indoor smart camera


 Nest Cam Indoor

Those who are new to the webcam scene, Nest Cam’s star feature places it above all the rest. Its high-res (1080p) live streaming camera is still unbeatable.

Smart Home Gadget #4 – Best app-connected video baby monitor


 iBaby Monitor M6S

Expectations are high when it comes to a baby monitor nowadays. Does it have a top-level streaming resolution? Check! Although it does not have an accompanying monitor, it’s still one of the best higher-end products of its type with plenty of bonus features.

Smart Home Gadget #5 – Best smart locks

smartcode-916-touchscreen-electronic-deadbolt.jpgKwikset Smartcode 916 Touchscreen Electronic Deadbolt

Sounds very convincing, here’s what it has – it has an alarm when someone tries to break in. You punch in two random digits before entering your code – added security in addition to fingerprint security. Bonus: you can still use your house keys if you want.

Smart Home Gadget #6 – Best smart showers


U by Moen Smart Shower

Store presets on water temperature, shower duration and which heads are on and off. There is also a digital timer to limit your shower time. Bonus feature: once water reaches the desired temperature, the water flow pauses.

Smart Home Gadget #7 – Best smart coffee machine


Smarter Coffee Machine

Make coffee from your phone? Yes! A Wi-Fi enabled machine that sets a coffee schedule, for your morning dose and when you get home from work. You can set up four of these ‘rules’ throughout the week.

There you have it! A list to get you started for a smarter home. Do you have other smart home devices to suggest? We would love to hear about it in the comments below.


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