Things We Take For Granted

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You don’t know what you are missing until it’s gone

Sounds familiar?

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

You’ve probably heard this millions times and it’s just one of those things where you hear it from one ear and come out from the other.

At least, that’s how I felt. (or feel still)

The thing is I used to have everything. No. No. I was not Richie rich by all means, but my parents provided me all the necessaries (and the un-necessaries).

College tuition. Paid by my folks.

Car.Paid by my folks.

House to live. My folks did not allow me to live by myself.

Shopping. Paid by folks.

Wedding celebration. Paid by my folks.

You see what I mean now?

I was spoiled. Very.

That’s the material side. The immaterial things?

So, when I was in Indonesia, I was truly pretty much a Jakartan. I lived in the suburb, worked in central business district. I commuted. I hang out in the mall after office hours till later. My excuse was to avoid traffic jam. I came home late, most of the time around 8 pm.

Every time I came home, there’s always dinner ready for me. Always.

My folks may have eaten dinner earlier, but they kept the food out for me.

Sometimes I had to tell my mom, that I had dinner, so then my mom would store everything up.

Other times, I did not have dinner yet, so I ate.

And every time I ate dinner, my mom was always there sitting with me in the dining table together.

Back then, I did not see.

I did not see how valuable it is to have someone always sits next to you when you have dinner.

Back then, I did not care.

I did not care to try to come home to have dinner with my folks. I just thought about myself : traffic was nuts, I just waited till it’s lighter.Whatever!

Back then, I did not realize.

I did not even realize Mom was actually making sure she would sit with me when I had my dinner.

On those days when I got home even later.

My Dad would stay awake. Some nights he would wait on the terrace for me.  Some nights he won’t. But he always made sure he came out from his room to greet me. Always.

Mom and Dad would always stop doing whatever they were doing knowing I was home. They made sure they greeted me. They made sure I was alive. (Of course there was no cable, tablet, smartphone nor real-life-like computer game then).


My mom always required us to make our bed, to lift up our curtain and to put away our clothes.

Did I do all those? yeah, but not all the time. And if I did, I did it grumpily.

Why does it matter? I thought then.

But now I know. I know why they matter. (for my Mom)

These little things. They matter.

Having someone to sit down with you every dinner time matters because sometimes that is the only time you all are together as a family. Between work schedule and school schedule, each member of the family can be world apart.

Having someone always greets you when you come home matters. Because you realize no matter how tired you are at work, you know someone is happy to see you home. You don’t just work for nothing.

Having a made bed, an open curtain, a dirty clothes in the hamper matter. Because knowing you would have to do them yourself the rest of the house chores, having someone to do those little things make you feel appreciated.

That you are not alone. You have your family to back you up. You have your family showing you, you are not alone to take care the family.

I seriously feel like piece of s**** now, knowing how many things I have taken for granted.


Appreciate Little Things.

The Girl With a Foreign Accent

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