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Retail Disorders

by : PakdheBudi Kayamara. Posted in : Post

I have never worked in retail before till I migrated to US. I still work in retail. I used to work in bigger scale department store (in small town), now I work in specialty women clothing store.

After 3+ years in retail, I could guarantee that you would find yourself start developing new ‘disorders’ as below – at least :

  • How to fold your shirt
  • How to fold your pants
  • How to hang your pants
  • How to hang your skirt
  • How to hang your clothes – this can be sub categorize into :
    • How do you want to face your hanger
    • How do you space them
    • How do you arrange them in your closet : by color, by type of sleeve, by type of pattern

This list can go on further, trust me, but those are the ‘major’ things.

I have to confess I personally have developed those disorders.

I fold my pants just like I fold them at work.

I stack my pants and arrange all my tops in ROY G. BIV – aka. color of rainbow order : red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet – with addition white/tan before red and black after violet.

My skirts are arranged : lace, solid, pattern.

For not a neat person, that disorders are nuts in my standard (messy person), but honestly, I found great ‘satisfaction’ doing so.

And whenever I look at my spouse’s side of closet, I can’t help but panicking, as they are not in ‘order’ what so ever!!

The ‘not-facing-the-right-way’ hangers! The mix of long sleeves and short sleeves, the mix of colors! Aaaaaaaaaaaa!! I could go crazy!

This Sunday, I managed to re-arrange my closet and they look fairly nicely in order – trust me, it’s rarely.

Looking at them, I can’t help but smiling.

All my time in retail hours, reflect perfectly in this closet’







The Girl With a Foreign Accent

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