Day 2 of Ramadan : Ramadan Shumai

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This year Ramadan started the wee of May 27, 2017. So today, May 28, 2017 is my 2nd day fasting.
I am not going to write anything religious here, but simply sharing my day while I happened to be fasting.

I have lived in States for 12 years, and I still think fasting at home aka Indonesia aka tropical country aka we have no 4 seasons is sooooooooooooo much easier than fasting in ANY 4 seasons countries.

There the breaking of the fast is always around 6 PM (and it starts around 4 AM? at least that’s when I used to wake up to have ‘sahur’) .

Here???Dear Lord…….as long as the day goes by!! as in Summer, the fasting day is waaaaaaaaaaayy longer!!

NOPE. It’s not fun. Yes. I am being honest here.

First about the length.

Then about the companion. Neither my spouse nor my son fast, so I fast alone. That sucks. NO kidding. Again, not complaining, just stating the fact. Fasting feels easier when your surrounding is doing it too. But that’s life. I choose to fast ?

Then the food. OMG.

I am not sure what’s wrong with me??? but when I am fasting..I only want Indonesian food.  Not just Indonesian food, but the Indonesian street hawker food aka ‘Jajanan’.

Just like today.

At 7 pm, I started losing ‘hope’ (ha….ha…’s “ONLY” 2 more hours to go).  Good thing my friend chatted with me for a bit. Then…..out of the blue. I thought to myself ‘I really want to eat siomay’ (what’s the h**** Day??? you are in KY, not in Jakarta!!! why siomay?? why not burger????)

So…I googled siomay recipe..and hey..I found this youtube video…..looks do-able as I have all the spices on hand! (this is my pet-peeve in cooking, I HAVE TO HAVE THE SPICES).

I ran to Kroger, grabbed a ground chicken and a tray of shrimp.

About 2 hours later, I had this on my dining table.

Our first home made siomay – which we forgot to add the Tapioca flour on – but they turned out to be just fine.

Seriously though, I really want to give any abang siomay a big hug!

Thank you for the siomay Bang!!

Now that I know how ‘complicated’ (to me!!) it is to make them!

tiff infomation

My Shumai ready to be cooked

tiff infomation

My shumai is ready to eat!

PS. Here I copied a pic of ‘Abang Siomay’ from internet.


Side Note :

God knows what else I would be craving for the next 27 days, let’s just hope nothing too crazy as most likely I would be the only one eating it!

The Girl With a Foreign Accent

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