My Car Is More Famous Than Me

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Yep. It is indeed.

People have asked to take picture of my car more than wanting to take picture with me. Many times, I had to step away from my car so that people can take picture of it or I saw from distance that people gathered around my car, checking it out.

(come to think of it, I don’t think anybody ever asked to take picture with me ;-), I surely never had anyone gathered around me to checking me out!!)

People ask about my car almost as often as they ask about my foreign look. (if I were not foreign, then my car would be asked more often than me)

Kids want to touch my car.

I got all these remarks all the time :

Who drives that car?

Is that your car?

I love your car!

Because of my car, I am easily recognizable.

Which there is a good and bad about that.

The good thing is, if I am on the road, friends can easily know that it’s me – one time my manager was in front of me at Chick Fil A drive thru & as soon as she saw my Smartie (that’s how I call my car), she knew it’s me and hey, I got free breakfast from her!

Or the other day, I bumped with my old friend while on traffic light, all cause he knew for sure it is me.

The bad thing is………..even stranger notice that I am the one who drive that car – which can be creepy,not going to lie (basically what I am saying is I cannot stalk anyone using my car because it will blow my cover right away! ? . In all seriousness, I can not go incognito with it)

What is so special about my car?

My car has been with me since 2013, it is my first official car that I actually pay it myself. (ehm..I was that spoiled brat daughter whose parents provided every single thing for me – including a brand new car, then)

It is a car that I can afford with my earning.

My car is a black Smart car with eye lashes and red nose on it.


When I first got it in February 2013, of course it did not come with eyelashes, then in August 2013, I added the eye lashes. Not being able to find a lip for my Smartie, I settled for a red nose – PS. there is a smart car with a red lip on!)

I do love my Smartie. I drove it all the way to Madison Wisconsin and back to Kentucky.

I drive it everyday to work and to my shopping trips around town.

I spilled, I made a mess, it got fender bender one time and recently it got some scuff on it.

But just like many first car owner, ¬†she’s my road buddy and I love her dearly.







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