Hey! Thank You Gadgets!

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Hi awesome high tech gadget!

Thank you so much for making navigation so much easier, it’s so easy that people blindly follow you and not using common sense and found themselves stranded.

Hi awesome high tech gadget!

Thank you for connecting all my kids friends here and there so they can play together online that they don’t care how beautiful a nice sunny day in Spring time is.

Hi awesome high tech gadget!

Thank you for notifying us in real time about every single things that happen in the world that we overlook what happen in front of our eyes : our work, our family, our safety.

Hi awesome high tech gadget!

Thank you for that super real-life-like computer games that based on real life weapons which some of us absolutely obsessed with that we ‘demand’our life must be paused or wait after the game is over

Hi awesome high tech gadget!

Thank you for creating an account where everybody is connected, ‘see each other’ that make us forget the fuzzy warm feeling of a big hug

Hi awesome high tech gadget!

Thank you for baby sitting our kids, making them sitting pretty without complaint, fascinate them with such splendid images that they completely ignore the chaos in the house

Thank you for all the great innovations and inventions.

Now if only you can make us human again.





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