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I could hardly recall when was the last time to visit this place again after sometimes being attached to cozy.

The other day I managed to slot in a session for 90mins foot reflexiology and since I did not have anyone I preferred in particular so I left the decision to the receptionist.

I was attended by female therapist and the usual routine followed. Started with a warm water and salt dip upstairs while the shoulder was massaged, then led to a private room which would fit for 3 guests at one time. A warm rice pillow was placed either on the shoulder, back of the neck or lower back, whichever preffered. Huge massage chair I would say.

Pressure, skills and techniques made my 90minutes such a bliss, aslept through almost up to the end of the session when she offered me something to drink: water, tea or ginger. Ginger was my pick and the session was not ended there, another round for my shoulder, back and neck for the finale.

All in all, Zen has successfully maintain its consistency of service and for IDR98k for 90mins session I think it is worthed.

Book early as it might get very busy for afternoon to closing time.

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