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Having a late evening class and went home after with horrible traffic condition plus nothing on the table were meant for impulsive decision when it comes to hunger.

I was looking at the flyer from PHD and hey it wasnot an usual one. The new flyer came in a glossier piece of paper, more sophisticated wording and divine appeal. All in all to introduce its new product – the Thin Crust Club line pizza.
It took 20 minutes to arrive and came not in ordinary red box ala pizza hut, it came in a black box instead. I believe this is to allure the more premium market for the line (somehow it feels like marzano)

My pick was the Italian beef pronto that has quite a decent topping and premium taste, do not expect the old school style of mountained toppings. This one was subtle but surprisingly tasty with that crispy thin crust as promised and this line only comes in one size contains 8 pieces.

Other selections in the menu were: Spicy chicken soy, Salmon shiitake mayo, and Spinach cream cheese (priced at IDR64K to IDR79K)


All in all, the pizza and cheese wheezy plus the delivery cost come to IDR116K, quite reasonable especially when you are feeling like eating something.

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