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It just happens that almost every year during mid-autumn festival or for me it is a mooncake festival, I would have a chance to fly to our neighbour and would dive myself into the world of mooncakes. I wonder why they do not bake the one fills with ‘tau-sah’ which commonly found here back in Jakarta, lotus paste filling is more popular there I guess.

My top rated (and I would recommend this to all my friends) is the snowskin mooncake by Shangri-La Singapore that creatively fills the mooncake with not-so-sweet custard and the daring birdnest as its highlight. You can either get it a single box or a box of 4. It comes in a rather small size as compared to the usual mooncakes but trust me it is satisfying to have one.

The outer layer of the mooncake is so called snowskin because of its softness and somehow it is scented too. You can actually scent a kind of sakura or some kind of petals there, whilst the custard filling is not utterly sweet and complements the skin very well. Digging into the base, you can taste the sparkling looking birdnest by its purest I believe, not too much just the right amount of it.


If you missed it this year, then you should wait until next year. Ok, I am a fans.

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