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The Story of Not Even a Real Phone

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I had a flip phone for the longest time, at least 5 years. And it’s prepaid. Actually me, my hub and my son all had flip phone.

What the h****?  That’s probably what comes to you’ll mind.

The truth is I didn’t need a smartphone then and I don’t really need a smartphone now.

After all, my main purpose of having a phone, is so that people could reach me immediately.


In 2014 I misplaced my phone and I did not have phone for a while, but then people were having problem trying to reach me when my Dad passed away and I was despised because of it.

So I got a new phone, another flip phone.


Because I did not need a smart phone.

I don’t text

I don’t have the need to check my email(s) every 5 minutes,

I don’t have the need to tweet the most updated even of the day,

I don’t have the need to be on social media at all times

I don’t need to take selfie every day

I don’t need to take pictures of my food every time I go to a new restaurant and so on.

I don’t have the need to be connected to the virtual world 24/7

and most importantly

I don’t want to be that person who is hooked in their cell everywhere they are : work, driving, public places, restaurant etc

So I was sticking to my infamous flip phone despite of every person I know laughed at me when they saw me pulling it out.

So fine. One time I was looking at the possibility of having a smartphone:

I like taking pictures of place and the idea of I can share it instantly is pretty intriguing to me.

Ugh. Nope. Could not afford the monthly bill. There’s monthly subscription, there’s data bla bla bla.

Then I misplaced aka lost my flip phone so did my son. Still not wanting to buy a smartphone, I decided to take my hub’s old flip phone and got him a new phone : a smartphone. He did said he had been wanting to have a smartphone. So there, he graduated. That was 2015.

Fast forward to recent days, 2nd Q of 2016, my flip phone started acting out. It kept giving me voice command, I could not make calls, I could not take call.

After talking to the customer/technical support for 2 hours, I finally gave up. My flip phone has reached its time. I need to say good bye.

I could be without phone, but with my son at the camp/school, I really need to be reached any time and the idea of something might have happen with him and I could not be reached , freaked me out. Especially after what happened in 2014.

So after a long consideration, plus the fact that I like borrowing my hub’s cell to take selfie and other nonsense, useless, not important pictures and posting them on social media, we decided that it is time for me to graduate from my flip phone to the 4G phone.

As all I care is that I am able to take picture, connect to IG, access website,  I chose this not so popular brand  (to be read IT IS NOT IPHONE NOR SAMSUNG), but gives me triple data capacity than my hub’s.

Only to hear someone commenting

“That’s not even a real phone”


WOW. Just WOW.


Sure, yeah..I remember those phase in my life where small things such as brand of  your watch, handbag, shoes etc will ‘make a different’ in your status or make you an ‘acceptable’ member in The Jones circle…….

Just when I thought we have evolved and moved on…………

It also made me wonder …for a person who says things like that (you know that one person who can always find the wrong thing in every possible way), do they even think when they say it?

In my case..

Will the person then pay all my bill for having a ‘real phone’?

Do they really think everybody must afford to have a ‘real’ smartphone?











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