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Received a glossy red box that says ‘Open Your Dream’ and when I opened it of course I was not dreaming as the content was so heavenly.

You could scent the fresh blueberry upon opening the box and since it was not sliced then it was a messy foreplay with creme and the sponge cake to start of with.

I love the texture of the blueberry sponge cake and its filling but I am sorry to say that I am not a big fans of that creme de la creme. Luckily fresh blueberries managed to calm myself down and enjoy every bite of late night indulgence l would say. Two words: very satisfying!

Unfortunately, the brochure attached was not as appealing as its product plus with its broken English here and there and (pardon me) the design could have been way better than what it is now (proof read is needed here). But hey forget about the marketing stuffs and just enjoy the cake! Everybody says YUMMMM!!



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