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Indonesia vs America : Cutleries

by : dijakarta4. Posted in : Post

Main cutleries for Indonesian are spoon and fork.

It makes all sense as our main dish is mainly rice. Either we eat our rice with spoon or fork all together or…by hand.

I like eating my rice with spoon ; for 3 main reasons :

  1. it’s faster to scoop in,
  2. spoon can scoop more volume of my rice and
  3. therefore it’s more satisfying or should I say filing ??


Fork and Knife. (yes, on fine dining set there will be spoon, but in everyday eating event, these two are the basic ones)

spoon is mainly for soup, cereal, measuring tool while cooking and maybe dessert-ya know, to scoop that Frosty or Blizzard out.

Other than that Americans use fork and knife, including when they have rice as a dish.  Americans use fork for eating rice.

Oh. Why oh Why. That’s how I feel every time I have to eat rice with fork. I can use fork to eat my rice…but it’s pretty much a ‘torture’ for me.

I have to make sure I pack some spoons for our camping trip as I know I would be the only one looking for them.

Yeah, I love my spoon.

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I do have to thank you for whomever invented spork (it’s a hybrid of spoon and fork, obviously), it’s a good alternative for spoon lover like me.

Spork 1








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